Complete Guide On Trending Hat Types For Men.

5 Trending Hat Types That Every Man Must Add To His Wardrobe

Hats for men:

Hats are an important part of an outfit, it enhances the person’s overall personality and looks. Hats are the must-have type of accessories that are accessible in diverse styles.

Hats such as beanies made for colder seasons and panamas are best for summer holidays. However, French-style berets can be worn in all seasons. If you want beret caps, you can contact Khullar international; it is a leading Beret Caps Manufacturer in India.

Types of Hats for men:

Beret caps: Beret caps always stay in trend; the eye-catching beret gives your outfit a french look. These can be suitable for all seasons; it looks best with formal outfits and uniforms. Beret caps are a crucial part of men’s police and army uniforms. You can wear fashionable beret caps with casual clothes that enhance the overall look; for quality Beret Caps In Ludhiana, contact Khullar international.

The Beanie: Beanies are your best companion in the colder season. These caps are warm and specially made for the winter season. It helps to protect your head, ears, and forehead from cold waves. You can wear a beanie with casual outfits. It looks best with trending sweatshirts and t-shirts that give you a Street style funky look.

The Panama: The Panama hats are beach-style hats that complete your look for the summer holidays. The caps are best suitable for sunny days and screen your face from the Ultra Violet rays. You can pair up the Panama hat with a formal cotton shirt and straight-fit chinos. The lightweight hats keep your head cool and protect you from sun rays.

The Fedora: Fedora hats are British-style hats that gained popularity in the middle of the 19 th century and still are in trend. These caps give you a classy look, and you can pair them with numerous types of clothing. However, it is best suitable with formal wedding attire. For casual wearing, it can be best suitable with loose-fit t-shirts and jeans.

The Baseball caps: The baseball caps originally originate from the US, where you find the immense craze of baseball. With people’s love for baseball, they start wearing baseball caps and jerseys. However, with the eye-catching look of baseball caps and its comforts, the caps have become popular worldwide nowadays. The caps come with adjustable straps and can be worn to any head size. The caps can be best put together with casual outfits, such as with a t-shirt and jeans or cargo pants.

Final words!

Therefore Beret caps are best suitable caps for both men and women; you can Buy quality beret caps from Khullar international. Our beret caps come under two brands, Pink city and Attack. Contact us for an advance order.

Proper guide about beret caps

Information about how to wear beret caps to look more fashionable

Well, there is no doubt that beret caps are pretty popular among people of all nations because of many reasons, but different and unique looks are the prominent ones. If you also want to add beret caps to your collection, then it would be a great option for you to get in touch with Khullar International India because they are the top-listed Beret Caps Manufacturer in India.

Moreover, they also provide Beret Caps in Ludhiana and everywhere in the world through the door to door delivery services. So let’s learn more about the fashion of beret caps.

How to wear a beret?

In the past years, people were used to wearing berets caps on their heads and preferred to pull that down towards the right ear. As it gives an attractive look hence, this is still popular, but now people also prefer to wear a beret slightly up from the front side. It not only looks fashionable but also makes a person more confident.

However, there is not a specific style of wearing a beret; hence you can try different angles and then, finally, one which will suit more to your personality more. Usually, people try to wear it differently in order to gain the attention of other people.

What to look for?

Firstly you have to make sure to buy beret caps of high-quality fabric and select your favourite colour. Usually black, brown and blue are the more popular ones. Additionally, you can buy berets made of stiff material because they naturally fit your head, and the shape of the beret will be the same as the new ones. Moreover, there are fabrics that can lose colour after getting in the touch of water, so you can make sure not to buy those types of fabric.

How to care for a beret?

Undoubtedly, you have to keep your beret caps neat and clean, and if you have a white one, then you may need to pay more attention to them. According to many people, the most effective method of cleaning caps is brushing them. You make your beret slightly wet with the help of steam and then use a clean cloth in order to clean it in a wise way. After that, you can leave them to get dry naturally, and you have to avoid keeping them in front of the heat.

Why wear beret caps?

If you want to look different from others, then it would be a great option for you to wear a beret cap. And it will also help to showcase your fashion knowledge. Moreover, beret caps suit the personality of everyone, so you can also feel free to wear them.


Types Of Beret Caps

Enlist the beret cap worn by the Indian army and its significance

Beret Cap – The Pride of the Indian army

Seeing an Indian soldier gives that brave feeling and courage. Indeed! What they do is way beyond words, and it’s difficult to thank them for the same. Every Indian soldier has an important rank in the army and serves the nation with pride. Now, one of the important parts is the Indian army uniform. Wearing that uniform makes everything even better. And one of its important parts is the beret cap that started to gain attention in the 20th century. Since then, there’s been no going back. That’s the reason there’s always a hunt for the best Beret Caps Manufacturer in India who can deliver fine quality caps at an affordable price.

Types of beret Caps and its significance

The Beret Caps in Ludhiana and around the globe have a lot of increasing demand. When it comes to the Indian army, there are different beret caps, and each of them symbolizes something different. So, to know in detail about the same, you should read the given below table thoroughly for better understanding.


Types of BeretIts Significance
Scarlet (reddish beret)Indian army Military Police Corps Wear It With Their Uniform
Navy blue coloured beretsRegiment Of Artillery, Corps Of Engineer, And Corps Of Signal
Maroon ColorSpecial Frontier Force and Regiment Soldiers
Black coloured beretsNational Security Guard or Black Cadets
Grey-coloured beretsAviation Department Soldiers
Sandy coloured beretsMarine Commandos
Light blue beretUnited Nations military
Light green beretMilitary Intelligence Soldiers
Dark Green or Rifle GreenWar Commandos or Regiment Soldiers

Let’s know in detail about each of the beret caps in short-term

  • Maroon color

The maroon color beret caps are worn by the Indian army commandos of different areas like special frontier forces, special forces personnel, and parachute regiment.

  • Light green beret

The light green beret caps are worn by Indian armed forces, and it’s paired with light green berets. However, these berets are only limited to military intelligence soldiers.

  • Dark green or rifle green

Dark green or rifle green berets are worn by soldiers who are part of Infantry regiments and cobra jungle war commandos. So, those are worn a beret of this color are categorized as commandos.

  • Gray-colored berets

The gray-colored berets are worn by the aviation department of the Indian army. So, the Indian army and Indian air force are seen wearing this type of beret cap.

  • Black-colored beret cap

National Security Guard or Black Cadets are seen wearing the black-colored beret cap. In the case of the Indian navy, the color is navy blue, and they even get recognition as the national security army.

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Types Of Beret Caps

Which are the different types of beret caps to add to the wardrobe?

Transforming your look is possible through the availability of different fashion staple statements available in the market. And in this case, one of the ideal choices to add to the wardrobe is the option of beret caps. Considering the viewpoint of business, it’s important to get assistance from the top-rated Beret Caps Manufacturer in India. On the other hand, it’s important for customers to get beret caps manufactured with quality standards.

Beret caps are an important part of the wardrobe.

The availability of beret caps with a top-notch quality approach is the biggest reason for the ever-increasing demand for beret caps. It’s true the demand for Beret Caps in Ludhiana is not just limited to the demand for personal use, but it’s even used by the military and other areas because it’s an important part of the overall look. Here are some of the most asked-for beret caps as a part of the fashion statement.
Panama hat
The panama hat is one of the traditional hats. The hat allows providing the right ventilation by offering the right weight and looks perfect with the summer suit. The ideal choice is to style the same with a cotton Panama hat with a pastel or neutral-colored linen shirt & suede loafers to complete the look. So, for an aesthetically pleasing look, the Panama hat defines everything effectively.
Pork pie hat
Want to have a classic look? Well, you should go for a pork pie hat as it’s one of the most fashionable choices in the fashion industry. In the case of formal style and well-suited manner, this choice of hat goes well with each attire.
Boater hat
Looking for a hat as the summer wardrobe choice? For that, get the boater hat, as it’s the perfect choice that stood out in the 19th century. The boater hat in your wardrobe is an effective choice as a format clothing item. To style it, you should go for lounge suits and have that formal look with suits.
Fedora hat
Another attractive clothing item is a fedora hat that lets your fashion game go all up. So, against the summer sun, this choice of beret makes the right choice in all senses.

Get the beret cap with top-notch quality

While looking for the beret cap, you need to choose a well-reputed and experienced manufacturer that delivers top-notch quality. By doing so, there’s better ease and comfort in seeking what you are looking for. Most importantly the necessary product that you get won’t have any problem on budget. Additionally, you can even discuss the cost factor with the team so that you get the necessary product under your budget.



Different beret caps are worn by the Indian military, and their significance

Beret Caps & It’s Extreme Importance In Indian Military

The beret caps are a huge matter of pride for the Indian army as it makes the Indian uniform look even more presentable. The beret caps have been in existence since the 20th century, and there’s no way they will go anywhere anytime soon. Not just Indians but the army of many countries wear it with extreme pride and honor. Over time the military of many countries has gotten this option as one of the elite choices to make the overall look stand out. For top-notch quality beret caps, it’s extremely crucial to seek assistance from the best Beret Caps Manufacturer in India. Additionally, their assistance allows them to keep everything more functional and under budget, and no compromise on the quality part.

Different types of beret caps with a variety of colors

The choice of Beret Caps in Ludhiana is not just limited to the individuals to style their overall look. But these are an integral choice for military beret caps. The exceptional variety with different colors has different importance, which we will tell you about all in detail below:

  • Light green

The light green is a huge pride for military intelligence. However, the light green shade has different usage depending on where it’s used. The light green worn is even worn by the territorial army.

  • Rifle green or dark green

The choice of rifle green and dark green is worn by the light infantry regiment, infantry regiment, and rifle regiments. Apart from the Nation, the cadet corps even wear the same.

  • Maroon

Another option for a beret cap is maroon. These are a huge pride for the parachute regiment, special frontier force, and special forces. The special forces get the training under the airborne forces. The most notable personalities that you can see wearing the maroon-colored beret cap are the para commandos.

  • Black

The black-colored beret caps are another important choice for the Indian army. The black beret cap is worn by the NSG, aka black cats, the armored corps, and The Indian navy.

  • Gray

The gray beret caps are worn by the Army aviation corps. With the Indian Air Force personnel, the gray-colored beret caps have got huge attention in the Indian army.

  • Scarlet or red

The scarlet or red beret caps for a huge pride for the military police corps. Moreover, their role is to properly handle the war prisoners and keep a check on the traffic. Even during the ceremony, they wear scarlet red berets.

  • Navy blue

Another choice of the beret is navy blue, that’s worn by the corps of engineers, cops of signals, support services, and arms, the Indian coast guard, and the Tibetan border police force.

Final word!

The exceptional choice of beret cap with different color options will let you choose the option that’s right in the specific situation. For the exceptional quality of beret caps, Khullar International is the name that you should put your trust in to seek exceptional quality and affordable beret caps.


In which style can you put a beret cap on your head? Explain the history of the beret cap

A beret is one of the most worn caps all over the world. Individuals keep this cap on their heads to feel unique from others and enhance external beauty, as many related beret caps with royalty. It is a soft, round-shaped, and flat-crowned hand-knitted wool cap. If you also want to enhance your external beauty by holding a more stylish and trendy beret hat on your head, then pay your visit to the showroom of a Beret Caps Manufacturer in India.

Moreover, it may astonish you that beret is a french word, and still, this cap has gained tremendous popularity worldwide. Well, the decent shape and style of the beret cap influence people worldwide, whether men or women. Both are the most significant fans of beret caps. Nowadays, even children love to have this cap on their heads and matching outfits. If you also love to cover your head with a matching beret, then make your connection with the best manufacturers of Beret Caps in Ludhiana.

How is a beret held on the head?

Well, this is essentially what we would picture if asked to visualize someone wearing a beret: a wool cap tipped to one side. Yes, this is precisely how the hat should be worn.

  • Put the beret on your head, approximately an inch behind your ears and about 3/4 of the way up your forehead.
  • To keep your hat in place, tuck the brim under. Then, slightly pull the fabric above the brim out to add volume.
  • Gently pull one side of the beret downward, making sure to do so from the crease that gives the hat its shape. Some trial and error are required to determine what looks best at this stage.

What to know about the history of the beret cap?

You may not be wrong if you say that the beret is a queen of caps. During the nineteenth century, this hat first appeared in Spain and France. Masses were not curious about fashion and style at that time. They use this piece of a cap to cover their head to protect themselves from heavy cold and snow. With time, with the developing civilization, individuals broadened their wisdom and minds and began thinking of different styles of outfits and hats. This was the era when the beret started developing its style and shape. Consequently, it was the beginning; later, beret established its image on the whole globe.

With the development of demand and civilization, beret caps were manufactured in factories. Laulhere, the sole remaining artisan beret manufacturer in France is led by CEO Rosabelle Forzy. Since 1840, the organization has been making its berets in the Bearnaise village of Oloron Sainte Marie, located at the foot of the Pyrenees in southwest France. It’s a pastoral confection, according to the Pyrenees. Initially, the beret belonged to the Oloron Sainte Marie, located at the intersection of several routes followed by shepherds leading their flock of sheep between mountains.

You can also see the presence of beret caps in conventional paintings, sculptures, photographs, etcetera. Even beret is the only cap about which you can read in the bible. The rising vogue of beret caps not only satisfies the fashion hunger but also helps to raise the economy of the nation that manufactures beret caps. The oloron and beret caps have been inseparable for the last 180 years.


Maroon Berets And Their Significance In Military

What Is Maroon Berets’ Significance in the International Military Force?

A beret is a sign, a uniform in a military configuration. Based on the color and the design, the authority has assigned each beret to a certain position. Get the best Beret Caps in Ludhiana from us and use them for various purposes.

In this blog, we will discuss the maroon beret and what it symbolizes in different states and positions.

Maroon Beret

The maroon beret is a sign of military configuration in an international symbol of airborne forces. The British Army introduced its first office in 1942 after the direction of Major General Frederick “Boy” Browning. He was the commander of the British 1st Airborne Division. The Parachute Regiment, in action, wore maroon berets for the first time in North Africa in November 1942.

Now you can get the same maroon beret from the popular Beret Caps Manufacturer in India.

What Is The Origin Of Maroon Berets?

Armored Corps was the first British Army Unit that adopted the beret in 1942. At the time of World War II, there were some British Army Units that followed the lead of the Armored Corps and also chose beret caps as a practical uniform. It was mainly for those Soldiers who required a hat they could wear in confined areas. They can stow it and a small space where they used to wear steel helmets and sleep.

According to a very popular story, Major General Frederick Browning selected the maroon color. He opted for a maroon beret after his wife, Daphne du Maurier, recommended using this color that made up part of his horse racing colors.

However, in a letter to the British Airborne Assault Archive, she clearly wrote that it was not true. No matter the reality of its origin, the British Paratroopers adopted the maroon beret in July 1942. Initially, the authority adorned it with an Army Air Corps Badge. Later they replaced it with the Parachute regiment Badge in 1943.

At the time of the Western Desert Campaign (1940-1943). The Germans started referring to the members of the British Parachute Brigade as Rote Teufel (Red Devils) in Afrika Korps because of their maroon berets and their fighting skills.

Austrian Armed Forces And Maroon Berets

All the members of the 25th (Airborne) Infantry Battalion of the Austrian armed Forces wear the maroon beret. It is basically a mixed Airborne and air assault unit.

Apart from that, the special forces group of the Austrian Armed Forces, such as Jagdkommando, also wore the maroon beret due to its airborne capability. However, they later adopted an olive-green beret in 2003. Besides that, the Austrian coat of arms also uses the cap badge until the successful completion of the basic selection course. After that, the Jagdkommando members started wearing a cloth version of the Kommandoabzeichen, equal to a commando badge.

Indian Army And Maroon Berets

The Indian Army’s Parachute Regiment, including the Para (Special Forces), wears the maroon beret as a part of their uniform. Apart from that, the President’s Bodyguard also wears a maroon beret. In fact, all The Para Qualified Personnel in an Airborne Formation also wear maroon berets.



How to look for an experienced manufacturer and exporter for the beret cap?

Are you looking for an experienced manufacturer and exporter to get the quality type beret cap? In that case, it’s important to look for someone who is well-known and has the brilliance to give the most desired results. When you are looking for the expertise of the Beret Caps Manufacturer in India, it’s important to analyze every single piece of information and choose the best one to ease the entire process. If you are looking for one, here are some important tips to keep in mind when searching for the beret cap manufacturer and exporter.

Tips to look for a beret cap exporter and manufacturer

The increasing demand for Beret Caps in Ludhiana and around the globe has made an evident reason to look for the trusted and well-known manufacturer and exporter. Here are some of the necessary tips through which you can do that:

  • Check the years of experience

Most importantly, expertise in this field plays an important part. Being a trusted manufacturer and exporter takes a lot of patience and experience. The beret cap manufacturer and exporter need to ensure to manage everything. Most importantly, come up with the most desirable solutions for the customers. Having the manufacturer and exporter with the expertise of +66 years will play an extremely crucial role in the entire situation.

  • Check the availability of the customized service

You need to check that the beret cap manufacturer and exporter give you a choice to get the beret cap customized depending on your preference. The availability of customization in this field is a game changer in the entire scenario. So, make sure you ask the manufacturer to give the necessary beret cap depending on your preference.

  • Types of beret caps

Most importantly, the team of manufacturers should have the availability of different types of beret caps. This way you can choose the one that you are looking for. Give a thorough check to the website and see the type of beret cap availability they store for you.

  • Quality beret cap

The quality beret cap is an important choice in the present time. So, look for an experienced and trusted beret cap manufacturer. Make sure that they don’t let go of the quality part at any cost; otherwise, it can pose a huge problem. Make sure that the team does the manufacturing with the top-rated standards and in terms of exceptional quality.

  • Affordable price

You should look for the beret cap manufacturer and exporter who offers you service at an affordable price. The economical price does not mean compromising upon the quality part; otherwise, it can pose a huge problem in the end results.

Final note

If you are in search of the same, then Khullar International India is one of the most trusted names in this field with the expertise of +66 years and counting. Check the website to see the type of beret cap availability and other necessary information.

Style Your Beret The Right Way Beretcaps 14 sept.

How to properly position and wear your stylish beret cap?

Style Guide To Wear Beret Cap

The beret cap has made an important and mind-blowing entry into the fashion world. Indeed! It’s one of those fashion accessories gaining much popularity with time. The increasing demand has allowed the Beret Cap Manufacturer in India to up their business game. It’s essential to satisfy the increasing demands of the customers, so it’s important to get that done with perfection. The beret can be styled in different ways. It’s important to make it a style statement by the right position, and wearing it correctly.

How to wear and position a beret?

Be it the customize beret cap in Ludhiana, or you are looking for something specific in terms of the beret, you cannot neglect the fact the right position and proper way are essential. So, whether you wear the beret tilted or full style, you must consider every single approach to get it done right. So, here are some steps you should not miss out on:

  • Keep the beret on your head and place the rim half-inch off the ears covering 3/4th up the forehead. Get the back down the neck but keep it comfortable.

  • The brim should be pushed up and under. Keep the edge fabric down and over so that it won’t show. The brim is small and has a proper side on the beret’s edge.

  • The beret needs proper positioning, including pulling the beret down from one side. Place it over the ear to make it easier to tilt.

  • Get the beret adjusted based on your liking for an exciting look . The adjustment of the beret is indeed essential. You need to style the beret the way it makes your overall look stand out.

  • In case you are looking for a more dramatic look, then pull the beret down. With that, it allows you to have a look that’s flattering and gives a fuller look.

  • If you want to secure the beret, use a bobby pin or any pin to keep it in place. If the beret you choose is not fitting properly, use a bobby pin. Otherwise, on a complete day, you will make adjustments.

How to select the right style to compliment the beret?

Styling a beret requires the right approach. Because beret caps don’t work well with every look. Therefore, you need to try different looks to compliment your overall personality. To have the right style, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Be it a simple or designer outfit; the beret cap makes the entire look stand out. It does give that artistic look and feels that’s not possible with a simple cap or hat. So, the reason it’s a style statement makes absolute sense. Be it a casual or a modern outfit, the beret cap is a perfect choice.

  • If you have long hair, you should not mistake tying it to a bun and wearing a beret. Let your hair hang straight on the sides and let it flow away beautifully from the sides.

Looking for a beret cap?

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Beret Caps: An Evolutionary Accessories To Notch Up Your Fashion

The beret cap has been in the market for quite some time now, but it is one of those accessories that never go out of fashion.

In 2022 it is still prevalent, as many celebrities wear it and raise their style quotient.

You can also notch up your whole outlook with a simple accessory that will make your outfit outshine.

Contact Beret Caps Exporter in India and purchase the best beret in the market that not only is designer but has premium quality too.

In this blog, we have listed some styling tips for you to enhance your beret look.

Most people love to try new things but have no sense of how to put them all together. Not anymore; we have got you covered.

Berets For The Upcoming Winter

This winter, do not get into the old fashion and raise your style stakes to the next level.


This winter is all about trendy accessories. There are umpteen designers and fashion icons who can inspire you with your style.

We are noticing a lot of berets caps on celebrities. So ditch your old-style woolen beanie, and go for the classic french beret you can purchase from the Beret Caps Manufacturer in Ludhiana.

What Are Beret Caps?

Berets are technically hats that have the shape of a circle. People originally wore it in Spain and France. The ideal way to wear it was as a Military uniform. However, we have also observed that it has its own fashion moments here and there.

Evolution Of Beret

With time, we have also seen a great evolution of berets in style. They are no longer seen as a basic woolen hat in standard color- black, blues, or caramel. With time, there have been significant changes in beret caps. Now you will be able to get varieties of them in different colors, styles, and materials such as leather, sequins, or crochet cotton.

The thing with beret caps is that they keep coming into the fashion industry and your closet because of their classic yet contemporary look. With the help of a beret cap, you would be able to add instant chicness to any outfit. In short, you can never go wrong with a beret, not before, not now, and not in the future.

Style Your Beret Caps Right

Now, if you are styling a beret cap for the first time, do it properly.

The first thing that you need to focus on is to style your beret caps based on your outfit. They should contrast well and should not overlap each other.

Small little details will help you make your outfit look more striking.

You should make sure to tilt the beret in the proper position to look natural while you are wearing it.

You can also make sure to pull the fabric a little up from your head so that it does not sit flat on your head.

For your outfit, wear solid colors instead of prints to balance it all out. Your main motto is to elevate the whole look, not clash them.