Enlist the beret cap worn by the Indian army and its significance

Beret Cap – The Pride of the Indian army

Seeing an Indian soldier gives that brave feeling and courage. Indeed! What they do is way beyond words, and it’s difficult to thank them for the same. Every Indian soldier has an important rank in the army and serves the nation with pride. Now, one of the important parts is the Indian army uniform. Wearing that uniform makes everything even better. And one of its important parts is the beret cap that started to gain attention in the 20th century. Since then, there’s been no going back. That’s the reason there’s always a hunt for the best Beret Caps Manufacturer in India who can deliver fine quality caps at an affordable price.

Types of beret Caps and its significance

The Beret Caps in Ludhiana and around the globe have a lot of increasing demand. When it comes to the Indian army, there are different beret caps, and each of them symbolizes something different. So, to know in detail about the same, you should read the given below table thoroughly for better understanding.


Types of BeretIts Significance
Scarlet (reddish beret)Indian army Military Police Corps Wear It With Their Uniform
Navy blue coloured beretsRegiment Of Artillery, Corps Of Engineer, And Corps Of Signal
Maroon ColorSpecial Frontier Force and Regiment Soldiers
Black coloured beretsNational Security Guard or Black Cadets
Grey-coloured beretsAviation Department Soldiers
Sandy coloured beretsMarine Commandos
Light blue beretUnited Nations military
Light green beretMilitary Intelligence Soldiers
Dark Green or Rifle GreenWar Commandos or Regiment Soldiers

Let’s know in detail about each of the beret caps in short-term

  • Maroon color

The maroon color beret caps are worn by the Indian army commandos of different areas like special frontier forces, special forces personnel, and parachute regiment.

  • Light green beret

The light green beret caps are worn by Indian armed forces, and it’s paired with light green berets. However, these berets are only limited to military intelligence soldiers.

  • Dark green or rifle green

Dark green or rifle green berets are worn by soldiers who are part of Infantry regiments and cobra jungle war commandos. So, those are worn a beret of this color are categorized as commandos.

  • Gray-colored berets

The gray-colored berets are worn by the aviation department of the Indian army. So, the Indian army and Indian air force are seen wearing this type of beret cap.

  • Black-colored beret cap

National Security Guard or Black Cadets are seen wearing the black-colored beret cap. In the case of the Indian navy, the color is navy blue, and they even get recognition as the national security army.

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