Different beret caps are worn by the Indian military, and their significance

Beret Caps & It’s Extreme Importance In Indian Military

The beret caps are a huge matter of pride for the Indian army as it makes the Indian uniform look even more presentable. The beret caps have been in existence since the 20th century, and there’s no way they will go anywhere anytime soon. Not just Indians but the army of many countries wear it with extreme pride and honor. Over time the military of many countries has gotten this option as one of the elite choices to make the overall look stand out. For top-notch quality beret caps, it’s extremely crucial to seek assistance from the best Beret Caps Manufacturer in India. Additionally, their assistance allows them to keep everything more functional and under budget, and no compromise on the quality part.

Different types of beret caps with a variety of colors

The choice of Beret Caps in Ludhiana is not just limited to the individuals to style their overall look. But these are an integral choice for military beret caps. The exceptional variety with different colors has different importance, which we will tell you about all in detail below:

  • Light green

The light green is a huge pride for military intelligence. However, the light green shade has different usage depending on where it’s used. The light green worn is even worn by the territorial army.

  • Rifle green or dark green

The choice of rifle green and dark green is worn by the light infantry regiment, infantry regiment, and rifle regiments. Apart from the Nation, the cadet corps even wear the same.

  • Maroon

Another option for a beret cap is maroon. These are a huge pride for the parachute regiment, special frontier force, and special forces. The special forces get the training under the airborne forces. The most notable personalities that you can see wearing the maroon-colored beret cap are the para commandos.

  • Black

The black-colored beret caps are another important choice for the Indian army. The black beret cap is worn by the NSG, aka black cats, the armored corps, and The Indian navy.

  • Gray

The gray beret caps are worn by the Army aviation corps. With the Indian Air Force personnel, the gray-colored beret caps have got huge attention in the Indian army.

  • Scarlet or red

The scarlet or red beret caps for a huge pride for the military police corps. Moreover, their role is to properly handle the war prisoners and keep a check on the traffic. Even during the ceremony, they wear scarlet red berets.

  • Navy blue

Another choice of the beret is navy blue, that’s worn by the corps of engineers, cops of signals, support services, and arms, the Indian coast guard, and the Tibetan border police force.

Final word!

The exceptional choice of beret cap with different color options will let you choose the option that’s right in the specific situation. For the exceptional quality of beret caps, Khullar International is the name that you should put your trust in to seek exceptional quality and affordable beret caps.