What Is Maroon Berets’ Significance in the International Military Force?

A beret is a sign, a uniform in a military configuration. Based on the color and the design, the authority has assigned each beret to a certain position. Get the best Beret Caps in Ludhiana from us and use them for various purposes.

In this blog, we will discuss the maroon beret and what it symbolizes in different states and positions.

Maroon Beret

The maroon beret is a sign of military configuration in an international symbol of airborne forces. The British Army introduced its first office in 1942 after the direction of Major General Frederick “Boy” Browning. He was the commander of the British 1st Airborne Division. The Parachute Regiment, in action, wore maroon berets for the first time in North Africa in November 1942.

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What Is The Origin Of Maroon Berets?

Armored Corps was the first British Army Unit that adopted the beret in 1942. At the time of World War II, there were some British Army Units that followed the lead of the Armored Corps and also chose beret caps as a practical uniform. It was mainly for those Soldiers who required a hat they could wear in confined areas. They can stow it and a small space where they used to wear steel helmets and sleep.

According to a very popular story, Major General Frederick Browning selected the maroon color. He opted for a maroon beret after his wife, Daphne du Maurier, recommended using this color that made up part of his horse racing colors.

However, in a letter to the British Airborne Assault Archive, she clearly wrote that it was not true. No matter the reality of its origin, the British Paratroopers adopted the maroon beret in July 1942. Initially, the authority adorned it with an Army Air Corps Badge. Later they replaced it with the Parachute regiment Badge in 1943.

At the time of the Western Desert Campaign (1940-1943). The Germans started referring to the members of the British Parachute Brigade as Rote Teufel (Red Devils) in Afrika Korps because of their maroon berets and their fighting skills.

Austrian Armed Forces And Maroon Berets

All the members of the 25th (Airborne) Infantry Battalion of the Austrian armed Forces wear the maroon beret. It is basically a mixed Airborne and air assault unit.

Apart from that, the special forces group of the Austrian Armed Forces, such as Jagdkommando, also wore the maroon beret due to its airborne capability. However, they later adopted an olive-green beret in 2003. Besides that, the Austrian coat of arms also uses the cap badge until the successful completion of the basic selection course. After that, the Jagdkommando members started wearing a cloth version of the Kommandoabzeichen, equal to a commando badge.

Indian Army And Maroon Berets

The Indian Army’s Parachute Regiment, including the Para (Special Forces), wears the maroon beret as a part of their uniform. Apart from that, the President’s Bodyguard also wears a maroon beret. In fact, all The Para Qualified Personnel in an Airborne Formation also wear maroon berets.