Custom Brand: Beret Caps

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Customization can personalize the product to make it more special than it already was. Khullar International India focused on moving fashion to new heights.Beret caps can make your look more alluring; imagine if it is embellished with your personal touch so that you could be trendy for every mood. Each style speaks a story, and yours is shouting aesthetic with our caps.

Remember to choose well and be well

We are a leading company in India that manufacturers and exports beret caps all over the globe. To top our service, we also provide high-quality beret that you can modify according to your taste and liking.

From over 66 years of experience in this industry, we have learned to work for the customer to maximize satisfaction. This is why our manufacturing skills are only taking a new high each day.

We deliver beret caps for each occasion

You can buy different types of the beret for various occasions and form your look with sophistication. We have a wide range of beret caps available, including:

  • Basque Beret Caps
  • Fashion Beret Caps
  • Army Beret Caps
  • Ceremonial Beret Caps
  • Police | Defence Beret Caps
  • NCC Beret Caps
  • Beret Caps for School
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