Styling Tips On How To Wear A Beret For Your Inner Fashionista

Do you want to up your styling game by accessorizing yourself with a beret hat? People have worn the berets and signified their culture a lot; there are very famous people who have styled themselves with this high-class look. You can, too, if you are interested in being the talk of the town. You can easily get Beret Caps in Ludhiana by ordering one from us.

Berets at this age and era are still dignified as an essential look versatile in nature. This is the reason why it is important to know how to bring flair to your outfit with a hint of sophistication. 

How To Wear A Beret Hat?

Do you want to add that french flair to your style? If yes, then read these styling tips you might require to up your hat game. Ways on how you can shine in the beret. 

  • Back of the head

The 1st style is simple yet elegant. In this style, you would require to perch your beret towards the back of your head; this would result in the bottom of the brims hitting the neck base. If you wanted to rock this style, you would need to put the beret in your head in such a way that the bands land right on the hairline. After that, you should stretch the back of the hat until it is placed on the back of the head. To make the beret secure and stay in place, you can pin them up with the help of a bobby pin or even a clear pin. 

  • Classic style

Classic can never go wrong; wearing your favorite beret ordered from the Beret Caps Manufacturer in India on top of your head with a slight tilt goes a long way. A basic but efficient French style of putting on the beret has and will always be the people’s favorite. All you have to do is put the beret halfway up your head a little more than usual. This allows the hat to sit an inch behind your ears. After tucking the brim under, you can gently pull the fabric of the hat to a little side until you find the best flattering tilt. Depending on your preference, you should also angle the tilt towards the face or the back of the head 

  • Untitled style

Last but not the least is an untitled style; in this, you would require to put the beret on top of your head, as the headband is an inch above the brow line. After that, you would fold the hat brim under to create a flat cap look which will be more flush against your head. If you want to have a puffed look, you can untuck the brim back and place it over your ears, also, do not forget to pull it up from the top. 

Styling Tips For Berets

  • Try to experiment with the fabrics of the beret hat.
  • You can easily incorporate the modern fashion style
  • Try to wear it with complementary colors.
  • Wear some neutral makeup with it.
  • Wear your hair down for a better look.