How To Select The Best Hat To Compliment Your Facial Structure?

Never know that picking the right hat for your face shape and structure can be so overwhelming. Especially if we consider the fact that there are so many hat styles available to choose from. If you are unsuccessful in finding the right hat for you. You might want to consider your face structure while opting for a Ceremonial Beret Caps in Punjab. Do you like to learn which face shape is the best for a particular type of hat? Then do give this blog a thorough read to learn more.

Choose a hat based on your facial structure from the Beret Cap Manufacturer in India. 

How To Choose A Hat That Will Complement Your Face Structure?

No matter what kind of face structure you have, one hat that will look sleek and sophisticated on you is a beret.

  • Hats for long faces
  1. Wide brims: some of the standard wide brims hats include sunhats and straw hats, and they definitely will suit a long structured face. 
  1. Cowboy hats: another hat that you can try is a southern-style cowboy hat. If you are into such a style, then it is meant for you. It undoubtedly suits the elongated features as it has a slight height and wide brim. 
  1. Trapper hats: A trapper hat is also a valuable option for the elongated face. This type of hat has a flap on the side of the head, which helps balance the features of the long face. 

Hats for round face

  1. Fedoras: fedoras feature a shallow crown and angular details. Along with some narrow brim, these elements help downplay the smooth and symmetrical features of a round face.
  1. Angeled caps: another hat that goes very well for round faces include angled caps. Because of its unique style, this option has an element to contrast the smooth features.
  1. Beanies: for the winter, you can get your hand on beanies. It is a perfect hat for the round face as it exposes more of the face than the other hat does. This element helps in adding balance to the rounded features. You can wear the beanie by setting it back on the head so as to reveal your face more than in other caps and create an illusion of a more extended look. To add a little volume, you can also select a cap that has a pompom on top to elongate your feature. 

Hats for square face

  1. Floppy hats: these add delicate features to a square face. Other options that apply for square faces are sun hats. It gives you both fashionable touch with a bit of a shade.
  1. Wide brims: they are also a perfect option for a square face. As long as the brim of any hat is round, you are good to go. There are masculine to feminine wide brim hats available for you.