Different types of Indian military beret caps and their significance

Significance of Beret Caps in the Indian Military

Beret caps have seen great importance in the armed and military forces since the 20th century. The military beret caps are worn by pushing it right to free the shoulders, and others move it back to the left. No doubt, it’s of utmost crucial to find the quality Army Beret Caps in Ludhiana to ensure the entire look goes well together. Indeed! Beret caps are nothing but pride for the Indian Army.

For the Indian Army, the beret caps are the standard headgear worn by officers of different ranks. Getting hold of one of India’s leading beret caps manufacturer allows you to have beret caps that are perfect in terms of quality.

Different colors of beret caps for the Indian Army and their importance

You have to get hold of the leading beret cap manufacturer who knows the required precision to make quality beret caps and uses top-rated technology. Additionally, you can even get hold of the service for customize beret cap in Ludhiana from Khullar International India: One of the known beret cap manufacturers. Now, let’s have a look at the different beret caps with different colors:

  • Light green

Military Intelligence wears light green beret caps. MI and the Territorial Army wear the light green color beret caps.

  • Dark green & Rifle Green

The rifle regiments, light infantry regiments, national cadet corps, and COBRA jungle welfare commandos wear the dark and rifle green beret caps.

On the other hand, rifle green berets are wear by NCC cadets.

  • Maroon

Maroon-colored beret caps are worn by the special forces, special frontier force, parachute regiment, and almost all special forces. You must have seen the para commandos pride wearing the maroon beret caps.

  • Black

A black beret cap is worn by the Indian Army. The armored corps, Indian navy, and National Security Guard (Black cats) wear this color beret.

  • Gray

Grey color beret caps are the pride of the Army Aviation Corps. You can see the Indian Air Force wearing the gray beret caps.

  • Scarlet (RED)

The color goes as a maroon beret. You can see the corps of military police in the Indian Army wearing them. The role of CMP is to:

Regular and monitored traffic

Handle war prisoners

  • Sand

Another beret caps are in sand color. Marine commandos wear the sand color beret caps.

  • Navy blue

Navy blue beret caps are wear by the corps of signals, support arms & services, a regiment of artillery corps, Indian coast guard, and Indo-Tibetan border police force.

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The above information clearly states how there are different types of beret caps for Indian Army.