Different Types Of Beret Caps And Its Significance In the Indian Army

You might once in your life have seen soldiers who have a cap on their heads almost all the time. But did you know the authorities distribute hats to the army officers based on their rankings or posts that they serve in? In an Indian Army, you would notice the armed forces have considered the uniform and the primary elements for the Barrett army since the middle of the twentieth century.

In this blog, we are going to give you some basic information about the characteristics of the beret cap based on the colors that the Indian Army wears as a part of their uniform. You can get the beret cap from the Best Quality Beret cap manufacturer in Ludhiana.

Let us begin our knowledge spree about berets and their significance.

Types Of Beret Caps And Its Significance 

Types of BeretIts Significance
Light green beretFor Military Intelligence Soldiers.
Dark Green or Rifle GreenFor War Commandos or Regiment Soldiers
Maroon ColorFor Regiment Soldiers

And Special Frontier Force

Black colored beretsFor National Security Guard or Black Cadets
Gray-colored beretsFor Aviation Department Soldiers
Scarlet (reddish beret)For The Military Police Corps of the Indian Army

Description Of Berets Caps That The Indian Army Wears

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  • Light green berets

Let us start with light green. This color indicates the intelligence of the Indian Army Forces. The soldiers who wear light green beret caps are those who are in the Military Intelligence group. You can now easily detect the intelligence group in the military with their light green color beret. 

  • Maroon color berets

They are berets that the authorities allow for the best commandos in the Indian Army. Some include Special Frontier Force, Parachute Regiment, and Special Forces Personnel. You can identify these special forces with the help of their maroon-colored beret caps. 

  • Rifle green or dark green color berets

Soldiers of Rifle Regiment, Infantry Regiment, Light Infantry Regiment (including Mechanized Infantry Regiment), and Cobra Jungle War Commandos wear rifle green or dark green beret caps as a part of their uniform. Apart from this, the National Cadet Corps (NCC) also wear dark or rifle green beret caps. We recognized the Soldier who wore this particular beret cap as a commando. 

  • Black color berets

We might have seen black cadets or soldiers of the National Security Guard wear a black beret cap. The authorities have also given this beret to the Armed Corps of the Indian Army. In the Indian Navy, the color of this beret cap is navy blue.

  • Gray-colored berets

The authorities give gray-colored berets to the soldiers who are working in the aviation department of the Indian Army. Apart from them, the Indian Air Force also wears gray color beret caps.

  • Scarlet or reddish color beret

The soldiers of the Military Police Corps of the Indian Army wear red or scarlet beret caps as a part of their uniform. The soldiers who put on this color beret are either the Indian Army or Military Police.