Tips to choose the right beret cap according to your face shape

Choose the fitting beret cap

Caps are one of the finest fashion accessories that has been in existence for many years. Be it male or female, both love to try on this fashion accessory and make a new statement. Most importantly, it makes the entire personality stand out and still gives that contemporary look. The craze for the beret cap is difficult to define in words. And what makes it much more evident is that the Beret Cap Manufacturer in India are seeing it as an opportunity to serve the increasing demand of the customers.

Indeed! It’s all about styling the beret cap and your wish the way you would like to do it. If you need some help, this guide will help you choose the beret cap according to your face shape. Moreover, these tips will even prove helpful if you want to customize beret cap in Ludhiana for any occasion.

How to style a beret cap as per your face shape?

  • Round face

If you have a chubby, round, and cute face, go for medium-height, crown cap. This one comes with a narrow band, gives the illusion of a higher crown, and lets the cap have that appearance in terms of length.

  • Short face

For the ones with short faces, it’s best to have an illusion of a long look and sharp features. It’s best to not wear high crown hats. Go for the ones which are short crown fedora or the ones worn during mining.

  • Square face

The square-shaped face works best for those with rounded edges and curves with the straight edges. The flips-up are known for giving that rounded look to serve that offset results and offering sharp edges. Such a style goes perfectly for those who have square faces.

  • Long face

Long faces have several possibilities to opt for, but if you want to make your face short, there are several options. Don’t go for the ones if the brim is narrow, otherwise it will give long lines. It’s better to select something that’s moderately lengthy and comes with a welder cap. One tip is to make it slightly tilted so the cap can cover the face.


Style beret cap with confidence

Well, everyone has their way to style the beret cap. To settle down on that one particular option you need to work slightly hard. No doubt, there are different color and sizes you can go for in terms of beret. The best part is customizing beret cap to make it look even better. And one of the essential parts is to be confident about your overall look.