What makes the Green Beret Cap symbol stand out?

Green Beret Cap Symbol In Indian Army

Berets are one of the essential parts of the armed forces of various units. The existence of berets has been there since the mid-20th century. The military berets are pushed to the right for freeing the shoulders that have rifles. Although in different countries like Iran, South America, and Europe it’s pushed to the left. Being such an integral part of the Indian Army, Beret caps have allowed the top-rated Beret Cap Manufacturer in India to make themselves stand out with their quality work.

Well, it’s not just the beret caps but the color and symbol that make it stand out. So, it’s the symbol that matters the most.

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Green beret caps pride of the Indian Army

The directorate of Military Intelligence (MI) is the intelligence arm of the Indian Army, a 3-star General. He is DGMI (Director General of Military Intelligence). The symbol present of green beret caps makes a huge difference as the Army is accountable for detecting the moles and looking for any corruption present within the Army. Moreover, they are accountable for gathering intelligence within the army and cantonments level. They are accountable for handling work on various levels and work in proper coordination to manage every step.

Wearing the pride of Green army beret caps, they even work with various agencies and actively participate in managing the internal work. The MI officials hold dignitary support to work with state Anti Terror Squads.

Moreover, MI is responsible for working with the Director of Air Intelligence and the Directorate of Naval Intelligence. These come under the DIA, i.e., Defense Intelligence Agency.

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