Types Of Berets Worn in Indian Military and their color meaning

Types of Berets Worn In the Indian Military

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What does the Indian army beret cap color mean?

Seeing the Indian Army gives us the pride and factor of safety because their untiring efforts on the border are why we all get to continue living our lives with peace. Now, when you see any Indian army officer seeing the beret cap of different colors, here’s what it means:

  • Light green

The light green beret is for Military intelligence and the territorial Army. Though there are different shades of green that you can notice in terms of beret caps. This includes the following:

  • Dark green or rifle green

Have you ever seen a rifle regiment, a light infantry regiment, and infantry regiments? That’s not all; even the National cadet corps, COBRA jungle infantry regiments, and many others wore this color beret cap.

  • Maroon

The maroon beret cap is a pride for the special forces and Parachute regiment. Even the special forces in airborne and the frontier troops wear this type of cap. Moreover, you can even see the para commandos wearing this beret type.

  • Black

Another great beret type is the black one worn by the Army. The black beret cap is worn by the National Security Guards (NSG), aka black cats. You can also see the Armored corps and Indian navy wearing the darker version of navy blue.

  • Grey

Gray is another common type of beret worn by the Army Aviation corps. Moreover, in the Indian Air Force, this color is highly preferred.

  • Scarlet (red)

Scarlet red is just like the maroon beret. Although, scarlet red is worn by military police corps and even those in the Indian Army. CMP’s primary role is to handle war prisoners and control traffic in the city.

Apart from that, there are other colors like navy blue (worn by corps of engineers, corps of signals, Regiment of artillery, Support arms and services, Indo-Tibetan border Police force, and Indian coast guard), sand (marine commandos), and light blue (United nations forces).

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